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Our Vision

Perfect Diamond was founded by Shael A. Dawson, who has more than 10 years of experience in the retail jewellery industry. Shael’s vision to look beyond the ordinary has enabled him to establish himself as a market leader in the diamond merchant arena.

As part of his commitment he has successfully completed both the diamond grading and advanced diamond grading courses with the GAA (The Gemmological Association of Australia).

Shael’s passion for diamonds developed as a result of watching clients react to buying and receiving high end jewellery. Premium loose diamonds

“Watching customers’ faces light up after seeing the Perfect Diamond for an engagement ring or a magnificent stone set in a necklace for an anniversary gift, gave me a wonderful sense of satisfaction. I realised that I wanted to provide retailers with that same sense of pleasure every time they sold a diamond.

I wanted to be able to give customers a flawless stone every time and know that they would have a Perfect Diamond forever.

Over the years I have managed to build strong ties with diamond distributors, and am now able to provide nothing but premium wholesale diamonds.

Why buy a lower grade diamond, when you can offer your customers a superb cut wholesale diamond? I am confident that you will surprise yourself with our flawless range of diamonds at competitive prices.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact Shael directly with any questions you may have via email at shael@perfectdiamond.com.au or by phone on                0432 942 943.