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Perfect Diamond

We are excited to announce that after much negotiation with one of the worlds largest diamond distributors, we are now ab...read more

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Retail Diamonds

Choosing a perfect diamond is an important lifetime decision. We encourage you to check our diamond knowledge section and educate yourself before investing in such an intimate purchase.

Marriage engagement

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you need more information or have any questions.

Diamond Education

At Perfect Diamond our aim is to educate you so that you feel comfortable with your purchase - not just when you receive your diamond, but forever. - read more

Our Retail Guarantee

At Perfect Diamond, we have established strong ties with the biggest and most well-renowned diamond suppliers in the world. - read more

Our Upgrade Guarantee

You can be assured the investment you make today will be as solid as the diamonds we sell. - read more

Conflict-free Diamonds

Perfect Diamond is dedicated to eliminating the trade in conflict diamonds and strictly adheres and complies with the Kimberly Process guidelines. - read more

Perfect Jewellery

We can match you to a jeweller who can custom make perfect and exquisite jewellery. - read more