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Carat Weight

Diamonds, like all other gemstones, are weighed in metric carats; Just as a dollar is divided into 100 cents, a carat is divided into 100 points, therefore a 50 point diamond weighs 0.50 carats and would be called half a carat, a 25 point diamond would be a quarter carat and so on.

Needless to say, the carat weight alone will not be the only consideration in buying a diamond. The other members in the Four Cs - Colour, Clarity and most importantly, Cut grade - are what make the diamond special and have a great impact in establishing the value and cost of any particular diamond.

As we only stock premium cut wholesale diamonds at PD, all you need to do is decide on what colour, clarity and carat you would like. Once you've selected your colour and clarity grade, it's easy to determine the carat weight of diamond that will fit within your budget.

Diamonds - Carat weight