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We are excited to announce that after much negotiation with one of the worlds largest diamond distributors, we are now ab...read more

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Wholesale Diamonds

Perfect Diamond is an Australian-owned and operated wholesale diamonds supplier based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Premium certified loose diamonds

Perfect Diamond has built strong ties with the largest diamond distributors throughout the world. By maintaining these close relationships with overseas partners we are able to provide you with a continual supply of premium loose wholesale diamonds in every shape, carat, colour, cut and clarity.

Each wholesale diamond is certified by the most respected gemology institutions in the world including GIA, AGS Laboratories and HRD.

Perfect Diamonds' strong overseas relationships bring you flawlessly cut wholesale diamonds at the lowest prices available. By keeping overheads low, savings are passed on to you and your customers.

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Perfect Diamond is proud to stock some of the best diamonds in the world. The wholesale Hearts and Arrows diamond collection contains a large range of - read more

Direct from the source

Perfect Diamond has built solid relationships with the largest diamond distributers in the world, bringing you diamonds directly from the mines. - read more