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Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Do your clients demand only the finest? The absolute Perfect Diamond?

Perfect Diamond is proud to stock some of the best diamonds in the world. The wholesale Hearts and Arrows diamond collection contains a large range of true Hearts and Arrows loose wholesale diamonds with a grade of AGS 000 or GIA Triple Excellent. We are able to provide you with a wide range of clarity and colour, allowing you the confidence of selling your clients the best diamonds available at unbeatable prices.

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are valued for their uniqueness and superiority; they are extremely rare and are often referred to as ‘super ideal cut’. The ultimate in cutting precision, cutters for Perfect Diamond devote more than double the amount of time it normally takes to cut a commercial grade diamond in order to produce a Hearts and Arrows diamond.

Hearts and Arrows

With a true Hearts and Arrows diamond, the facets must be of the highest grade symmetry, proportion and polish. Creating these amazingly beautiful diamonds is difficult and the cutter often sacrifices rough diamond material in the process.  Accordingly, only one in a million can be called true Hearts and Arrows. If any part of the diamond is even slightly asymmetric, the patterns will be distorted and will result in an uneven display. We all know it is the ‘life’ and ‘fire’ in the diamond that attracts the eye and makes it look beautiful; Hearts and Arrows diamonds truly are some of the most stunning diamonds.

With its vast resources and strong ties, Perfect Diamond is able to provide a large, constant supply of round brilliant cut wholesale Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

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